Modra Mtuft G2 carpet sample machine

Ten years ago Modra introduced the Mtuft for tufted carpet sampling. With more than 100 Mtufts delivered, this unique machine has changed the way sampling and product development of tufted carpets is done.
Since then, we have listened to feedback from our customers and the result is this new model, incorporating many enhancements.

  • Changes to the End Out Detector mean the machine is more reliable.
  • The change between loop pile to cut pile is now software controlled, which means that there are minimal mechanical adjustments that need to be made when switching between the two.
  • Production LCL and cut loop gauge parts mean that the quality of the final sample product is improved.
  • Mechanical adjustments have been made easier and faster.
  • No calibrations are required on start up, which means you can get to sampling faster.
  • The control system has been updated, and a cloud connection means that the status of the machine and the sample can be viewed anywhere.

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