Modra Kibby Carpet Sample Machine

We recently surveyed some of our Kibby clients and asked them to tell us how they would like to see the Kibby improved. We listened, and we are proud to include the following new benefits in our latest model, the G6.300:

  • Quieter by 3db – this means that 2 Kibby G6.300 machines running together have the same sound energy as 1 Kibby G5.300!
  • New servo motors for faster corner set and no calibration required when the machine is first turned on.
  • Safety curtain to protect the operator.
  • Industrial PC with Windows 10 and touch screen.
  • Cloud connectivity for remote monitoring of machine status.
  • Knot detection system.
  • Improvements to the cutter system.
  • New stronger guide cylinders for cutter tension and easier to adjust.
  • New needle size added.
  • Guide set-up tool means faster set-up and checking of the machine.
  • New pegboards – the new 7×11 and 7×12 fractional boards means that you can now sample higher density product.

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