Why A Dedicated Sampling Machine?

Samples are an absolute necessity for carpet and carpet yarn manufacturers and masterbatch producers to compete in today’s business environment. Using dedicated sampling machines removes the sampling process from the main production process. Read more >

Minimised Production Disruptions

Prevent costly interruptions in the main production process. Ensure a smoother workflow and improved efficiency.

Enhanced Customer Responsiveness

Quickly meet customer demands and offer shorter sampling lead times, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

Consistent and High-Quality Samples

Calibrated for precision, the production of high-quality samples boost customer confidence and brand reputation.


Why Choose Modra’s Unique Sampling Machines


Capable of running different yarn types, including natural and synthetic fibres as well as artificial grass tape, showcasing versatility in production capabilities.

Efficient Yarn Usage

Utilises a single package of yarn per colour rather than preparing a full creel with hundreds of packages of yarn, optimising yarn usage and reducing waste.

Sampling Efficiency

Quickly produce samples from a single package of yarn per colour (with up to 8 colours), responsive to customer requests. 

Operational Ease

Software controlled requiring fewer mechanical adjustments, and capable of running unattended once set up.

Compact design

Small footprint, taking up little floor space, contributing to a more efficient use of the manufacturing area.

Modra’s Sampling Machines

Modra offers three unique sampling machines each tailored to different needs and budgets, providing a cost-effective and efficient alternative to using production machines for sampling purposes.

Tufted carpets


Tufted Carpet yarn


Axminster / woven / wilton


“With a single package of yarn, the designer’s creation can be turned into an actual sample quickly and handed directly to the customer.”

Business benefits of a dedicated sampling machine

Use carpet sampling machines to efficiently create small-scale versions of your carpets to showcase designs to potential clients, develop new designs, test new materials, and facilitate the production process.
  • Physical samples address the colour accuracy limitations of computer monitors when showcasing their products to potential customers.
  • Samples are crucial for sales to wholesalers, retailers, hospitality, and big corporations, offering unique designs for large-scale projects.
  • Showcasing production quality samples allows buyers to see the final product before purchase.
  • Providing samples efficiently enhances sales opportunities and competitive advantage.
  • Stopping production machines for sample creation is impractical due to the cost and need for operational efficiency.
  • A dedicated sampling machine can make samples without disrupting the main production machines.
Product Development
  • The ability to quickly create and test new yarns, designs, and colours with a sampling machine is invaluable.
  • Carpet yarn manufacturers and masterbatch producers can use sampling machines to create yarn samples for testing and showcasing.
  • Presenting yarn as a pom or skein doesn’t accurately represent the final carpet look, leading to inefficient client approval processes.
  • Sampling machines allow yarn manufacturers to show yarn in a carpet form with a production-quality finish for quicker customer approval.
  • Carpet yarn and masterbatch producers use sampling machines to ensure quality, performance, and colour consistency in their yarn before customer delivery.
  • Samples made on a Modra machine will accurately replicate product made on a production machine.

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