8-Needle Carpet Sample Machine

Modra Technology’s next generation Mtuft introduces a range of new features based on customer feedback that make the Mtuft G2 easier to use and even more reliable. New features include Micro-Gauge for sampling ColorPoint type constructions, enhanced software control and connectivity, and production LCL and cut-loop gauge parts for improved sample quality. Free up your production machines and respond to your customers’ needs with high-quality samples.


  • Powerful software to control gauge (1/16” to 1/4”), stitch rate (10 – 80 stitches / 10 cm) and variable pile heights (up to 80mm)
  • NedGraphics Vision Tuft 12-month subscription included
  • Loop pile construction with loop height control
  • Level Cut Loop with loop height control
  • Independent top and bottom head movement in the X direction means the looper is aligned to the needle for loop pule and the (conventional) hook is aligned to the needle for cut pile or end of row cut. This means production quality loop or cut without mechanical adjustment
  • LCL gauge parts for production quality product
  • Necessary mechanical adjustments – looper or hook stroke adjustment – are quick and easy to make
  • Bed height adjustment allows small changes to the lopper and needle relative heights without changing the needle stroke.
  • Beckhoff control system and industrial PC running windows 10 for longevity and reliability
  • Maximum product width is 2.5m, the length can be as long as the roll of backing

We save a lot of time on the production machine and we save a lot of yarn by making the samples on the Mtuft.

Carpet manufacturer, Belgium


Free up your production machines and respond to your customers’ needs with high-quality samples

  • Sample for a range of constructions, including Colorpoint, Tuftco, Cobble
  • New designs and new colour ranges can be developed fast
  • Unattended operation is possible due to the reliable yarn break detection system
  • Sophisticated machine able to replicate what a production machine can make
  • Quickly try out designs, alternative colourways and see the same design in different finished product weights
  • Design software turns the Mtuft into a ‘design studio’ – samples can be made quickly, adjustments can be made quickly, allows fast client feedback
  • Take product development away from your production machines
  • Samples make quickly from a single package of yarn per colour

How customers use the Mtuft

  • As a sales tool
  • Product development
  • Colour development
  • Sample for new machines
  • Quality control





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Model(s): TMS2XL 101, 201, 251


Mtuft G2TMS2XL 101TMS2XL 201TMS2XL 251
Machine Depth (doorway clearance required)
- With guards fitted
- With guards removed
- With guards and motors removed
Machine Depth:
930 mm / 3’ 1”
885 mm / 2’ 11”
770mm / 2’ 6”
Machine Depth:
930 mm / 3’ 1”
885 mm / 2’ 11”
770mm / 2’ 6”
Machine Depth:
930 mm / 3’ 1”
885 mm / 2’ 11”
770mm / 2’ 6”
Machine Height Without Creel1,340 mm / 4’ 5”1,340 mm / 4’ 5”1,340 mm / 4’ 5”
Machine Height With Creel2,100 mm / 6’ 11”2,100 mm / 6’ 11”2,100 mm / 6’ 11”
Machine Width2,300 mm / 7’ 7”3,300 mm / 10’ 10”3,800 mm / 12’ 6”
Area Required – Width4,100 mm / 13’ 6”5,100 mm / 16’ 9”5,600 mm / 18’ 5”
Area Required – Depth3,700 mm/ 12’ 2”3,700 mm/ 12’ 2”3,700 mm/ 12’ 2”
Machine Mass750kg / 1,650lbs975kg / 2,150lbs1,100kg / 2,425lbs
Shipping Crate Dimensions )LxWxD)2,440 x 1,050 x 1,600mm
8’ x 3’5” x 5’3”
3,440 x 1,040 x 1,600mm
11’4” x 3’5” x 5’3”
3,940 x 1,040 x 1,600mm
12’11” x 3’5” x 5’3”
Shipping Mass Total883kg / 1,950lbs1,175kg / 2,590lbs1,300kg / 2,870lbs
Noise Levels84 dBa at 1 metre84 dBa at 1 metre84 dBa at 1 metre
Compressed Air Requirements – dry, clean air150 lit per min @ 7 bar / 5cfm @ 100 psi150 lit per min @ 7 bar / 5cfm @ 100 psi150 lit per min @ 7 bar / 5cfm @ 100 psi
Power Requirements400-480 V AC 50 Hz 20A max, 3 Phase400-480 V AC 50 Hz 20A max, 3 Phase400-480 V AC 50 Hz 20A max, 3 Phase

 All specifications are subject to change without notice 

Note: Power and air enter the creel as indicated at a height of 1,200mm / 4’. Amp cable (not supplied) at 4m / 13’.
Non-RCD supply required (Residual Current Device should not be used).
Machine can be wheeled into position by hand and is set on levelling feet when in position.
Machine should be installed in an air-conditioned environment (suitable for PC operation). 

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Mtuft FAQs

Is it possible for Modra to run trials on the Mtuft machine prior to my purchase?

Yes, we are happy to do this. To arrange for a trial, click here.

What is the maximum number of colours possible on the Mtuft machine?

Up to 8 colours is possible.
Up to 6 colours for Micro-Gauge (ColorPoint type construction).

What types of construction is it possible to replicate on the Mtuft machine?

The Mtuft is suitable for all constructions (including ColorPoint) gauges and stitch rates.

Is it possible to replicate ColorPoint type constructions?

Yes, the new G2 Mtuft model uses Micro-Gauge to replicate ColorPoint constructions.

What is Micro-Gauge?

Micro-Gauge is used for ColorPoint type constructions and allows for a maximum of 6 rows to be tufted in the one gauge space. A maximum of 6 colours is possible.

How many packages of yarn are required to make a sample?
Only 1 package or yarn per colour is required.
What product widths are possible?
The Mtuft machine is available in three standard widths – 1m, 2m and 2.5m.
Does the Mtuft come with NedGraphics software?

The Mtuft includes NedGraphics Vision Tuft Advanced Controller software. This software makes it possible to create or modify NedGraphics .tft Vision Tuft patterns. The design format/output format is Open Tuft Format (.OFT) only. The NedGraphics license is valid for 12 months from the date of installation. License renewals after the initial 12 months period has expired are managed directly by NedGraphics.

Note: The NedGraphics we supply on the Mtuft is not the complete version that the design department, for example, would use. It only has machine outputs to suit the Mtuft so it shouldn’t be considered that the Mtuft version of NedGraphics can used other than to run the Mtuft.

Does the Mtuft come with conversion software?
Yes. This means designs made with photoshop, illustrator or another graphics program can be run on the Mtuft.
How fast is the machine?
The maximum speed for straight stitch varies from 20-30 stitches per second, depending on the machine model.

The maximum speed for shifted stitch is up to 10 stitches per second.

What pile height is possible?
Depending on the model chosen, the pile height ranges from 4mm – 75mm.
What type of primary backing is used?
Both woven and non-woven is suitable.
Does Modra have a system for backing Mtuft samples?

Yes, the Modra Sample Backing Press is used to apply a hotmelt backing product to the sample. Modra has a range of backing material available. To find out more, click here.

Is it possible to shear an Mtuft sample?

Yes, this is possible using the Modra Shearing System. To find out more, click here.

What are the power requirements for an Mtuft machine?
360-480V AC 50/60Hz 16A, 3 phase
What are the compressed air requirements for the Mtuft machine?
150 lit/min @ 7 bar or 5cfm @ 100 psi.
What is the environment and normal operating temperature for the Mtuft machine?
10-40 degrees Celsius, in a clean and dry environment (5-95% humidity, non-condensing).

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