Modra Technology

Mtuft : Tufted Sampling
Kibby : Axminster Sampling
Kibby : Wilton Sampling
Mtuft Mini : Yarn Sampling
Hollow Needle : Rugs & Broadloom

If you are a carpet manufacturer, part of what you do is product development – testing new yarns, designs, colours and bespoke work for architects for example. If you don’t have a Modra carpet sampling machine, then you will more than likely need to use one of your production machines to run samples.

This means that the efficiency of your production machine is reduced because you are using it for product development instead of actual production. A production machine also uses many hundreds/thousands packages of yarn to run, whether it be a small sample or a large run of broadloom carpet. Our machines run with just one package of yarn per colour.

Please view our range of carpet machines below, and make sure to check out our new CreelMT product which replaces the conventional creel which will reduce the time and space needed significantly.